Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Power of Persuasion

The name for this blog comes from one of my favorite Jane Austen books, "Persuasion." In the book, Anne Elliot and her family are forced to retrench to Bath, England from their country manor home, because Anne's father has dwindled the family fortune, and there is little left to live on.

Anne showed grace and intellect in being modest and staying within the family's means of supporting themselves, while her father resisted it.

Thinking of our times right now and how the world is changing so fast, you we retrench now, when it is by choice and we can choose to live more simply, (maybe more beautifully), or do we hold fast only to have to unwillingly retrench by force when things get rough, economically. It's definitely a process, and there is much to learn. We must, perhaps, take Anne's lead and persuade ourselves of the worth of it.

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