Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rescuing Old Books

Every Saturday, I drag myself out of bed to find book treasures, and today was no exception. Around 9:00, I arrived at this particular sale that had touted, "rare books" in their ad. The people who hosted the sale were just starting to put things out when I drove by. The lady kept bringing out boxes of books, I'd look through and see nothing, then she'd bring out another box and still nothing. 
Resolved that I was not going to find anything worthwhile there, I patiently waited as she went back inside each time for more books. Predictably, I found nothing that stood out until, this - a gorgeous old leather copy of, Voltaire. Perfect! I love to rescue old books from their fate of who knows what.

Want to see what I find next week? 
Will post some of the best things I find, right here!

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