Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food Storage Formula

I am not sure where I got this, but this is a short-term food storage formula / food rotation idea. I think these are supposed to be freezer meals.

You need:

7 meal ideas (favorite meals your family likes to eat)---->

x 12

equals 84 meals, or 3 months of meals

Here is the outline for buying and preparing the meals you rotate. You repeat for each of the 7 meals.

Meal #1 -

Ingredients needed-

Ingredients needed for 12 meals -

The key is to make things your family already likes and eats, then you freeze them / rotate for future use. When the meals are running low, you repeat the process. You'd be amazed at how much you save on food when you do this!


  1. Thanks for your post! we really have to be prepared in whatever situation we may face. It maybe silly but at least we have expected the unexpected... especially our health and strength depends on the food we eat... good thing, many freeze dried food products in the market are deliciously affordable and good for the health,too!

  2. yes, couldn't agree more - thanks for your comment.