Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Pot Roast

In posting this, you will definitely realize how unlike Martha Stewart I am because this post is to tell about my first pot roast. You have to understand that I grew up with a mother who cooked, but somehow, I never picked up any lasting cooking skills, or if I ever did pick anything up, they were easily lost on my generation's habit of eating several meals out each week, that being the norm of the day. I am now trying to redirect and steer the wheel back to the simpler days of preparing meals with increasing frugality, and what better way to start that with than pot roast?

The photo of the pot roast is not my actual pot roast, but it looks just the same, it was very easy. I placed some water in my crock pot, transferred the meat from package to pan, salted the meat, and turned the crock pot to low. Several hours later, I had tender, fall apart meat. Very, very simple and just the beginning of retraining myself to be an acceptable home cook. This is the recipe I plan on using part of the meat for, while the rest will be for BBQ pork sandwiches. (Checking off, "cook pot roast," on my cooking bucket list).

Photo from Maryland Meals

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