Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Layer of Home

This pretty red and white Pennsylvania Dutch checkered tablecloth graces our table frequently. I absolutely love it and how it adds a homey element to meal time. It's a layer of home, it feels like home. I am hoping that it will also be a layer of memories in years to come.

There is something to be said about vintage goods - they are made to last for the years and keep their bloom much longer than newer items. I find myself glancing more and more at linens and such as I trek out each Saturday morning. We had a red and white checkered tablecloth on my childhood table and maybe that is why this one appeals so much.

There are many other layers that make a home and I love to add new items that become tried and true favorites. You come to love them like they were always yours while appreciating the memories that came with them that you'll never know.

I am happy to be selling some of the best pieces I find on the blog. I will hopefully be adding some more items soon that are ready to be treasured. You can see items here as they are added.

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